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Running after calf injury

You may or may not remember I injured my calf in 26th July and then again naively on the 10th August. Although not as bad the second time around decided to see a sports physiotherapist.

Finally managed to see the Physio Wednesday this week, have been doing the exercises that he sent me since mid August. Went in feeling that my calf was hugely improved, came out feeling bruised and battered 😊

Tight right calf muscle and tight hamstrings.

Continue with exercises but must revert to week 1 for running if I feel I need to go out, obviously need to be very careful and must not progress passed week 1 before I go back in next Friday.

My heart is screaming to run but my head is scared to take that first step.

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Good luck with your first tentative steps back to the running track. Just take it real slow and maybe ask the physio about a foam roller when you go back.

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Thanks 😊

Foam roller is one of the exercises he gave me

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Great. So you will be able to keep up the exercises long term and hopefully avoid future injury. Horrible way to learn though.

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