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Week 2 = Less of a couch potato

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Hello fellow future 5k'ers :)

Just done Wk 2 Run 1, and you know what, it was fine. I even kept running for a minute or so longer after the last run, because it was raining and I wanted to get home lol! I also felt I upped my pace slightly, I know it's not about pace, and it must show that my fitness level even over the short time I've been doing this, is improving. Suddenly I can see how, with slow and steady progress (!), I could make it to the 30 minute run.

So I set off in a break in the rain, 2 minutes in it was spitting, it then rained heavily for most of the run, of course now I'm back it's cleared up. Typical! Dodging puddles on the canal towpath made for a little excitement too.

But yeah, done it! And to anyone who's struggling mentally with the step from weeks 1 to 2 like I was, go for it. You can do it!

All the best,


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Well done, every run makes you stronger mentally and physically. This forum gives determination to succeed

in reply to 61trying

Don't go further or faster. Stick to the programme. Walk briskly home! 🙂

Brilliantly done Neil, every step you take, every breath you make, we are watching you (In a nice non stalky way of course!)

in reply to Jancanrun

Lol! Slightly scared now. At least I should be able to run away now!!


Well done you!

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