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not posted in a while, first real injury(i think lol) and did my first "proper" 10k!

after my last parkrun at the end of july! something didnt feel right it started with a weak feeling on the outside of my foot and when i would turn a corner i would get a stabbing pain right across the outside followed by very strong burning, it would almost feel as though my outside foot would collapse at any moment. Then i would get a tingling all around the heel and ankle. Any running/jogging would force me to limp and i would get a shooting pain right up my calf . almost like a nervey or inside my bones pain, if that makes sense.

anyway i just took the usual advice to rest, ice, compression and elevation and the middlesbrough 10k/3k fun run was just over 4 weeks away and was feeling pretty gutted , even a week or so before i felt i wasn't ready and thought i would drop out :(

so it comes to the day, 3k fun run with the boy first to at a nice joggy pace and to be fair i did feel a bit sore afterwards and felt my stamina was down a bit so naturally i had doubts about the 10k but as soon as i started the run the pain was non existent and ran round it comfortably. it was just extremely hot all i kept thinking was "where is the next bloody water station" :)

i did want to take it easy and do it in an hour but when people are cheering you on and with 3000 runners close by , you just seem to run faster without even knowing it. i did it in a very surprising 53:18.


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Wow! Amazing time - you must have felt so pleased with that! Well done!🙂

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yea pretty happy due to the fact i was limping out of bed a few weeks before. originally i wanted to get under 50 mins but still really pleased with this result. its all for a tshirt at the end of the day (jk) :p

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