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Winter hath cometh!!!! I need your advice!

My word... popped out for tonights jog and was shocked at the temperature. Very cold... kinda took my breath away. I have always run in warm weather since starting this programme. I hasten to add i promptly turned around and came home. So my question is what do i wear to run in cold weather? I am so new to this i don't know what would work. Deffo long sleeves!!!I would really like to complete week 4 and am determined not to miss a run. Might have to postpone till i have more appropriate atire....

Need Motivation now!!!

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When the temperature drops below 5C, I wear cold-weather compression leggings and top, as a base layer, beneath my shorts and t-shirt. I don't apply too many layers, even when running in the cold, since I don't like to be uncomfortably warm.

Currently, with the temperature at around 15-20C, I'll still wear shorts and t-shirt, but once it falls to around 10C, I start to consider whether to wear a long sleeved top and leggings beneath shorts and t-shirt.

Again, it largely depends upon how much core temperature rises while out running, as to how many (and the kind of) layers you apply, as the change in running conditions begins to be noticed now that the summer is drawing to a close.

In terms of gear, to avoid paying a premium, visit Decathlon (both online and in store), since they have incredibly reasonably priced leggings, long-sleeved tops and compression base-layers.

Alternatively, assuming you're UK based, check out SubSports on Amazon, as I've purchased quite a few pairs of compression tops and leggings from them over the years. Additionally, a high-viz running jacket and running lights (to clip around the ankles or heel of your trainers) would be worthwhile investments, alongside a head-torch, if you run upon roads that aren't particularly well lit.

To lift your motivation, I'll leave you with an example of bling for the ankles: amazon.co.uk/ShineVGift-Arm...

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Simple. Use the '+10 degrees' rule.

Check the weather forecast to see the temperature at the time of your run. Then add 10 degrees to the temperature to get the 'feels like' temperature.

Wear layers of clothing appropriate to the +10 degrees 'feels like' temperature.

For example, if the temperature is forecast to be 15 degrees, then dress like you would for 25 degrees - short sleeve running top and shorts.

If the temperature is forecast to be 5 degrees, then dress like you would for 15 degrees - long sleeve top and shorts, possibly light jacket.

If it it cold and drizzly, or windy, add gloves and buff and/or a hat.

In all of last winter (which was mild in the south of UK) I only ever wore a long sleeve top and my winter jacket - slightly thicker material but with a hood and sleeves that come down over my hands with 'thumb holes'. And regular running tights, gloves and a buff. I was running with ice on the road and frozen puddles with just 2 layers of clothing.

If you go outside and the cold takes your breath away and you think "crikey this is freezing" then you'll be dressed appropriately for when you warm up running.


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