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About to start WK4......crunchy knee!

So, tomorrow morning should be my first wk4 run, which bizarrely or not, I'm looking forward to. Since the start of wk3, I've been experiencing intermittent 'crunching' in my knee. This mostly happens when I'm standing and bearing weight on left leg. Some pain, but mostly just a crunching feeling. I've not really experienced any pain when I'm running (perhaps a slight niggle during w3r3), but obviously I don't want to cause any lasting damage.

I've tried two rest days, instead of just one, but my knee doesn't feel 100%. I really want to get moving with wk4, but worried it might be too much. I'm due to see a physio in a week (I have a history of knee and ankle problems). Do I try wk4 and see how I get on, repeat wk3 again or *sob* take a break until I see the Physio?

Oh, and I am several stone overweight, so my joints are taking a fair bit of pummelling. I run on a dirt track rather than the road to try and minimise the impact.

Help! Any advice appreciated!

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I am no medic but generally the advice is an ache is okay but pain never is. Try the W4 run and if you experience pain stop. It may also be useful to mentally make a note of when this happens so you can relay it to your physio. Really hope you can continue as you have done 1/3 of the plan and that's a great job.

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It does sound like runners knee, supplements may help, as they do me and some others on here, such as Glucosamine and fish oils rich in omega3, but get a diagnosis from your physio..


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Thanks Jancanrun and davelinks! I've decided to wait until tomorrow and will give w4r1 a go. I'll also get on to the supplements straight away!


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