Feeling confused 🤔

So today i went out ready to do w6r1. I dont listen to the podcasts , only for the fact i wasnt aware of them when i started , i use zenlabs app , i have looked and the program is the same. When the 1st walk section vibrated i really didnt want to stop running (especially during the very heavy rain!) So i just carried on. I ran 23min comfortably. Which i no i wouldnt of done before the massive confidence boost of w5r3. So my question is why does the plan go back to interval training? Ive been so pleased with interval training , i wouldnt of been able to get this far otherwise! Just feel like im taking a step back by taking walking breaks after the 20min run. Has anybody else felt this at week 6?


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6 Replies

  • I did the Zen version also. It works so no worries there. I seem to remember there is some walking W6 but not much.

    Personally I was at the stage where I did not like to have my run "interrupted" but I trusted they put the walking there for a reason. :)

  • Beware of thinking it is a step back. I thought well now I have done 20 minutes non stop this will be easy. No. Think that led me to go too fast and it was the closest I came to not managing a run. No idea what the reason is, but there will be a very good one.

  • Thanks guys , yeah i do trust the program and if it wasnt for the rain i probably would of stopped and carried on as scheduled , tbh i only stopped when i did because i couldnt run any longer through my stitch which suggests im not ready for running freely and not following the program. I will go back to the program and do w6r1 on next run , just cant see the lodgic in it , but i know there must be!

    Happy running 😊

  • I'm sure there is a logic but also there's got to be a transition stage so why not next week, I think it's a case of it works so go with it

  • Enjoy it, next week is completely different! 😁

  • All about discipline in our running.. certainly in this programme.. just because we can does not always mean we should....:)

    Many folk feel like this ,and it is just a case of trust the programme, knowing that it is all geared to building up running legs, stamina and strength and the variation of time and pace all contribute to this:)

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