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Couch to 5K
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Wk9R1 complete finally!

Today was the day! I have been working towards this week since April 17th - after eating copious amounts of Easter eggs! I can't actually believe that I ran for 30 mins; was quite tired afterwards. My next challenge is actually running 5k as at the present it's about 3.8km. I am assuming that over time when I get a bit fitter I'll be able to go a bit faster. Wish I'd known about this forum in the beginning.

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Enjoy your last two pre-grad runs - you're on the home straight now.


Thanks for your response. I am quite excited by it all. Might finish run 3 as a Park Run on Saturday.


You will get fitter and faster if you continue to run regularly and don't eat too many Easter eggs!

Keep running, keep smiling.


I love Easter Eggs! I will definitely always eat too many. However next year I'll already have C2K5 on my side! Yay!

I love running and can't believe I missed out on all the support and encouragement on this site. Hey ho - I'm here now! Better late than never!



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