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Bring on week 9!

Out early to avoid the heat I finished wk 8 run 3 this morning. I tracked my run for the first time this week. Following my disappointment at the speed I ran (shuffled) I decided to step it up a notch . I felt like I was sprinting (at times) even got stitch and struggled to finish (but then it is always a struggle !). Well... instead of running at 6kph I ran at .....6.5kph 😂😂😂😂 so, slow is good I can't do any faster, yet! But week 8 finished 👍😎👍

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Blimey oh Riley, that is a step up on speed, and you did it, fantastic stuff . That shiny happy graduate badge is twinkling in its drawer....


Great finish to Week 8 froggyrunner.😊

So now you know for Week 9, that slow is best. Start slowly.. the beginning is the toughest part, relax into the halfway part then finish in style..

No stitches or sprinting just nice steady running. Its all about you completing the runs, never mind what you think you should be doing, no need for any speed, as jacs-w says the finish line is in the same place for everyone...

Good luck😊


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