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Aaaarghh injured!

I'm gutted. Have pulled my left upper thigh quite badly. I've tried running on it and it feels better while running but worse afterwards so I've decided to have a week off. However it doesn't feel any better. How long should I leave it before I seek a) seek help or b) start running on it? I can't tell you how gutted I am to not be able to run and I never thought I'd say that.

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Eeek and ouch... no running... rest... if it is a mildish muscle strain, ( and we are not medical or Physio experts) it is usually defined by small tears in the muscle, it can be caused by overuse or lack of conditioning. It usually, needs only a week or two for recovery and then when you head out again, see how it feels.

But, if in real pain, or in any doubt... then err on the side of caution and seek medical advice:)

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