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Knee pain??

Dear All! Help!

As a slightly heavier than before - had a baby a year ago - runner - I've started doing c25k after previously completing it but have had to take a weeks break due to a horrid chest cold.

I last ran on Tuesday last week and at that point I had no aches or pains.

Yesterday at work the insides of both knees (as in to the inside of each leg rather than behind the knee cap) felt quite sore and this seems to be worse today!? Can this be as result of the running?? It seems a very delayed response but I can't think of anything else that would be affecting my knees. The pain is effectively on the forward stride and on going down the stairs. It responds well to anti inflams but I don't just want to mask the pain - I want to solve it!

Any ideas on whether this is running related and if so...what can I be doing that would cause this kind of niggle? I'm reticent to want to run until it settles, not least because it's painful!

Thanks in advance :)

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I don't know what stage you are at, so whether to advise that all new runners get aches, sometimes delayed, or that maybe your shoes are inappropriate or worn.

A week's delay in the onset suggests it might be caused by something else........ perhaps wearing high heels after your legs have started to develop from running.

Resting up will tell but if it persists then get professional advice.


We need to get a regimen of strengthening gluts, quads, and hip flexors. These muscles will save on the knee wear and tear. Also may want to check your pronation/supination status, (how much your foot turns inward or outward upon load). Running stores often can get you on a tread mill and video your feet and legs as you walk or run. Then, they can fit you with inserts and the right stability type of shoe to compensate for various degrees of pronation or supination. Last and not least, learn about overall form and stride length. These things can prevent injury over the long term. Just make small changes over time, don't do too much too fast.

Personally, I had to do an 8 week Physical Therapy training routine to get some strength and balance in muscles I mentioned. They tailored it to my knee issue and to running. They literally eliminated my knee problem with exercises.

Best wishes and good on ya for listening to your body.


Aches and pains we expect when starting out again...real pain...no...

Are your shoes still good fr running, maybe trying a bit too hard.. just being a Mum, a whole different ball game! :)

Warming up well, stretching or rolling after the run.. taking it as slow as you like as well.. always a plus :)

Try to land lightly and maybe practice a few knee exercises on your rest days?


If it continues, get it checked out :)


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