I had a miserable W3R2 today, I couldn't make it the full 3 minutes the first time and barely squeaked by on the second. I am 90% sure I know why, I was listening to 50's rock music and the first run I was going to fast, so slowing it down helped. But now my hip hurts too...looks like a couple of days off is in order, and I will be repeating week 3 until its comfortable. I am so slow I giggle at the fact that even if I was running for 30 minutes, there is no way I would get a 5k in! MAYBE 2 miles, but doubtful, more like a half of a 5k LOL


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  • Hey the tempo of music can be a real problem at times, because it seems we are hard wired to follow the beat. Think and channel your inner Oldfloss and keep it slow and steady and you will get there. As to the long term distance of course you'll get there it may not be in 9 weeks, but no one here cares. You'll do it your way, one day, and we'll be here to cheer you on your way. Good luck with the rest and remember more oldfloss and a lot less Jerry Lee Lewis!

  • Please don't be despondent... You will make it, just keep going slow and steady...and believe in yourself :)

  • Your plan is great! You are in control and there is no rush.

    You will do it!

  • Thanks. I know that there are going to be 'bad' runs, and I am ok with that. My poor hip is not doing too well, I sit at an office job and sitting isn't helping. My doc has thrown advil and ice at me LOL.

  • It doesn't matter if you repeat a week - in fact, if you think it will help you (as it did me) it's totally the best thing to do. It's not a race, just follow the programme and you'll get there. It took me a lot longer than nine weeks! We all have those bad runs - all of us - we just have to try not to let them affect our next run. You'll do this - you clearly have it under control! If running was easy, everyone would do it - and that would be a nightmare!

  • yeah, I am not afraid to repeat, I did week 1 twice and week 2 had 4 runs instead of 3. I have never actively exercised this much in 43 years LOL. Add on to that being overweight, and I am surprised I haven't hurt something else before now. I just wanted a place to whine, cause no one at work cares

  • I'm 44 and I don't think I've ever exercised this much either! This forum is wonderful - I know I've graduated now (it took forever) but I can't leave it!

  • i Just love the different 'language' I told someone at work that I was 'chuffed' and got the strangest looks LOL. The support here is amazing as well, I can't find a local support even close to this!

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