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Niggly shins every run?!

So I've just run W4R2 and Wendy run ado far, despite lunges and squats before I start, both my shins feel 'tight' and niggly as soon as I start my brisk walk, eases through run, and stop as soon as run is over, with just occasional reminders on noon run days. I had the whole gait analysis thing done, bought a pair of incredibly comfortable brooks vapours. Is this normal?! Is it something I should carry on ignoring, or an injury warning?? It doesn't stop me running by any means, but occasionally causes the odd wince ๐Ÿ˜ฌ thanks guys.

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Are you landing heavily?

It may happen... because sometimes, when we start, we tend to thump or feet down a bit.. excitement, tension, concentration who knows...:) We have this issue mentioned a fair bit :)

So,, you are warming up... not too harshly? Take a look at some other exercises maybe and see if they help?


Lots out there...then, warm up brisk walk, five full minutes and try to relax... nice light steps, and then when you are ready to run.. steady and slow does it. Land gently, kiss the ground with your feet, relax your shoulders and try to run in an easy way.

Sometimes landing heavily may be helped with heel or foot insoles to give some extra cushioning...trying shoes in store is not the same as out in the big wide world, and your shoes sound wonderful!..

So, give it a go and see how you fare... keep us posted please :)


Brilliant thank you oldfloss. Like the look of the exercises ... and I'll start kissing rather than thumping ๐Ÿ˜‰ Its all new and difficult to know if you're doing anything fundamentally daft in your running style!! I'll give this a go. Thank you!

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We have all been there... I used to thump down, 1,2,3,4, thump thump thump, thump... so much to think about :)


Hi, great advice from Old Floss, just wanted to stress the importance of stretching everyday. I've had time off from running recently because of sore shins. I see a sport physio for massage occasionally who is also a runner. She says it's important to stretch calf muscles & ankles. I do various exercises 2x day & use ice after a run if there's any tingling or soreness. You might find running on grass or soft tracks helps too. Hope things improve for you. Keep going!

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