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Extending the weeks...?

Owning up to a bit of an error here: I did 7 runs for each of weeks 1 and 2 (plus rest days). I've only just realised my error, so I am effectively due to run week 3, run 5 this evening! It seems to be working well for me though (I'm still amazed about the fact I can run 3 minutes straight!) so I think I will continue to 'run 7' regardless - I'm trying to get a little bit faster each time.

Do you think it is a good idea to continue this into week 4 and beyond? I'm not trying to finish this within a certain time period or anything - I just like having a structured programme where I can see myself making progress. I get a bit nervous about moving onto the next level so knowing I've a few sessions behind me gives me a bit more confidence - especially now the runs are starting to get longer..!

Does anyone else do this?

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If you feel happier then continue with 7 runs. But it's really not necessary; if you manage all 3 runs in one week then you're ready to move on. On the other hand everybody has their own pace / agenda and this is not a race, this is a programme to get you into the habit of running and every run is a win. The main thing is to enjoy and keep at it. Which is what you're doing!

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running extra reps of the first couple of weeks is no bad thing. Easing in gradually and allowing time to adjust can only be of benefit. As the weeks start to have diferent runs for each day you may struggle mathematically to keep to a 7 times pattern. each run twice and one of them three times?

I am not quite sure how you structured your weeks 1 &2 with rest days so far. Each 'week' took you 2 weeks and an extra day?

What works is king though. As long as you do each run at least once and take rest days inbetween, the actual number of reps is entirely up to you.

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If it works for you... just take your rest days...If you are staying focused and having a good time whilst moving through the programme steadily...that is brilliant!

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Thanks all!

For the first two 'weeks' I ran every weekday with the weekend off - this wasn't unlike what I'd already done in the gym previously so it was entirely manageable. For 'Wk3', I took Wednesday off to do yoga (+weekends). Once I move to 'Wk4', I plan to take off Tues and Thurs (+weekends) to do yoga. Basically, the word 'week' is highly flexible!

What's working for me is just having a structure and a routine. I am a bit of an avoider when it comes to exercise but this programme has kept me interested because of the progression. I think extending the weeks for me gives me a sense of achievement because I'm not just getting through them, but improving noticeably each time (getting a bit faster, feeling a bit less tired), so I think I'll stick with it. I might change my mind as those runs get longer though ... :D


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