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W4 R1 and holiday plans

I've been super busy at work so hasn't looked ahead to see what W4 held in stock. When I saw the run on the app I assumed the colours were wrong, there was no way I could spend more than 1/2 my time running surely?

Sceptical but willing to give it a bash I got started and amazingly I did it! 3 minutes of running, a short 90 second walk and then 5 minutes of running!

For anyone starting out you can have faith in the programme going from short runs with long recovery in week 1 to this is bloody amazing.

I'm off on holiday in just over a week and am not sure what to do. In the first week we are staying in the alps and I don't think I'd be much cop at running up the mountainside. If I miss a week and then pick it up in the second week (staying in the Loire where I should be able to cope) will I be ok?

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Hi there. I live in France and found myself on holiday in the alps for week 5... I actually found a flat (ish) area to run. It's the cross country skiing track used in the winter. They are often fairly flat and most resorts have one. If I hadn't found that I don't think I could have managed the hills! Good luck and let us know how you get on

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Run down the mountain then walk back up


This is absolutely the perfect solution - achievable at this time of year

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Great post, thank you... we need these positive posts to encourage all our Newbies and starters!

You will be fine... plenty of walking in the hills :) Loire should be perfect.. early morning along the banks of the river.... superb!!!

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