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W4 R1

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Lord above! That was a tough old slog this morning 😂 can’t believe I’ve even made it this far. I did struggle and had to walk for a few seconds during both of the 5 minutes so I’m a bit disappointed in myself. Has anyone else suffered any knee pain? I’m getting it in both knees but on the inside? It’s so strange but it’s definitely affecting my running. Any advice is very much appreciated! Keep going everyone, we are all smashing it 💪🏻☺️

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Week four brought me knee pain and a knee support has done the trick for me and now I have no pain. Sounds like you’re doing really well, keep up the good work 💪

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Jodiebee in reply to WirralPhil

Thankyou! I may have to invest, I’ll see how Saturdays run goes and if it’s still a pain (literally!) then I’ll go the knee support route. Ahh Thankyou, I’m definitely doing better than I was in week one haha. Definitely the best thing I’ve ever done, I love it ☺️

Hi Jodiebee I literally just completed my own W4R1 and your post was the first to pop up when I came on here to tell the world about it😂

I managed the 5min both times without walking which surprised me because it took me over a month of repeating W3 before I could do 3min non stop. But my pace is reaaaalllly sloooow - like those clips of Japanese pensioners! 😂

I’ve had and had lots of aches and twinges in hips, knees and feet but my main problem is calf cramps from hard arteries from smoking.

I found rest and stretches on off days helps a lot. Also I now only run once every 3 days to give more recovery time. So maybe slowing down and more recovery time might help you too.

You’re right we are all smashing this! 💪💪

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Jodiebee in reply to GrampaSimon

Haha! We need to tell the world! It’s a bloody good feeling when we do it! That’s brilliant! I’m a Japanese jogger too 😂 the main thing is, we are doing it! No matter how quickly! I definitely go too hard on the first run, I’ll slow down and see how it goes. Ahhh that doesn’t sound nice, I’ve never smoked but if I did, I think I’d have passed out waaaay before now so you’re doing amazing! Well done GrampaSimon 💪🏻💪🏻

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GrampaSimon in reply to Jodiebee

Thanks and good for you about being a never smoker 👍 Good luck with the next runs 💪💪

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This guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

I do try to stretch but I’m not sure I’m doing it for long enough, will try again and keep it up on my rest days as well 😊 hydration, I’m rubbish at so I’ll keep that in mind! Thankyou! 😊😊

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Jodiebee


It is crucial, not optional.

Just read that post, wow! All of those things, I had no idea of. I’ll be increasing my water intake dramatically! Thankyou 😊

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I use a knee brace, cost me a few quid off eBay, knee going, you’ve got this 😊

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Jodiebee in reply to Dtay1978

Definitely going to give them a crack if I still have pains after Saturdays run. Thankyou! 😊😊 I’m sure you definitely have too 💪🏻

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Well done!

Niggling inner knee pain is pretty common it seems in the early stages. The strengthening exercises for knees on the NHS site are a must if you're really feeling your knees! I have arthritis in my knees but running has made my legs strong now, so my knees aren't a problem, but if I didn't do the knee strengthening exercises they would probably hurt!

If you're needing to stop running then you might ne going a little fast. Try slowing down a bit, even if you Think you are going slow, it can be slower!

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Jodiebee in reply to Roxdog

Oh wow! That’s amazing! I’d have thought arthritis would have made running so difficult, what a champ! That’s amazing that they’re nice and strong now 😊 I’m almost sure I’m not going to fast haha, I do to start with though so I’m going to slow down a bit to start with, hopefully that and some extra stretching will help. Keep going Roxdog! Your an inspiration for sure 😊💪🏻X

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RoxdogGraduate in reply to Jodiebee

Keep at it, but look after your knees! You'll be fine!

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I'm on the same stage as you too. Right knees a bugger right now. I've started sis effervescent drinks pre run. Struggle with hydration. That's really helped. And yoga for runners really helps loosen up too. I'm guessing alot of the pains are natural process for how far we are in. Well done on your process so far

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