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How Could You Let Me Down?

Oh Sanjeev- how could you do it? How could you (and the app) abandon me halfway through the second 8-minute run of W5R2? There I was, just me and Pharrell Williams, jogging along happily (see what I did there?) and you'd told me I'd done 4 minutes, then nothing, nil, nada. Luckily I was wearing my trusty old Garmin watch, so I could work out when I'd completed the session, but oh, the disappointment not to have your dulcet tones telling me there was only 60 seconds to go, then telling me what a great job I'd done :-) i've never had the app die on me before, and TBH I could have carried on for more than the 8 minutes, but I know you'd all tell me off, so being a good girl, I stopped and did the cool-down walk. Fortunately I managed to restart the session and fast-forward it to the Save bit (as I had completed it, so definitely no cheating) but I'd have been gutted if I hadn't got the credit for it!!!! Now come on Sanjeev- you better get your act together for W5R3- there is NO WAY I'm doing that without a bit of encouragement.

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How could he let you down at this time!!

Jo did it to me back in week two, I was running strava, jo & music all at the same time!! Since updating my phone it hasn't done it again.

Well done on carrying on & for the program 🎊🎉. I start W5 this week.

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I think the coaches drop in unscripted surprises, just to see if we are all awake and really listening to them. So because Sanjeev couldn't or wouldn't say it to you, I will say - well done you, you did it and such a great job because you had the Garmin back up plan. That is one well organised runner

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Here is the encouragement.. you will do this :)

Slow and steady with or without Sanjeev!

You did it... you blinking well did! Very well done...:)

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