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Just completed c25k! (For the second time!) need to keep my interest and not get bored!!!


I completed c25k 18 months ago and then got bored doing same runs on my own 3 times a week so gradually stopped running so having just completed it all over again (and managed my first 6k run on Friday!!!) I need to keep the interest up! Anyone recommend a good running club or similar in Banbury/warwick/leamington area? Park run could be a good option as well (if I can manage to escape from husband, kids and dog on a Saturday morning!!). I wondered if I should attempt the 5 - 10k app to keep focussed or am I trying too much too soon!??

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Hi - I can really recommend the Parkrun in Stratford. Also worth checking out the RunLikeaGirl group in Leamington, they do an improvers group, something I came across on the net (assuming you are a "chick"!)


Have a look at the recent replies to a post from CallyL - lots of suggestions there about not getting bored. Why not take the dog with you to Parkrun, quite a few take their dogs at ours. You could take husband and kids (depending on their ages, but pushing children in a buggy whilst doing Parkrun isn't at all unusual) but maybe part of the idea is some "you time"! I also joined a local running club - my lot are a great and friendly bunch of people. Why not find a local running club, give them a ring and ask if you can meet up with them a couple of times to see if it's for you?


Take husband, kids and dog with you to parkrun........ everybody is welcome and everybody should experience parkrun. The same ethos pervades them all, as far as I can tell.

You got fed up with same old runs........go somewhere new and explore by running. Great fun.

Of course a running club will be great, if it suits your personality. It is not for everyone.

Moving on to 10k is a logical step, which will improve all aspects of your running. There is a Bridge to 10k forum.

Keep posting, then you won't dare slack.


Take up swimming and running will be endlessly fascinating compared with the godawful tedium of ploughing up and down the pool....

Couch to 5K+ podcasts. Use the forum - do the forum Quests. Pore over an OS Explorer map for new routes. Listen to an audiobook or podcasts. Canicross?! Orienteering? The Octavian Droobers Club is pretty active.

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