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Well it all started 11 weeks ago when a 'friend ' said let's do couch to 5 k. I was very reluctant but having had a glass or 3 at that point stupidly agreed.

To set the background I am 48 4stone overweight and needed a good kick. I was the last person to run.

I have persevered, it's been hard, I had a week off when I went on holiday and a few days on my return due to a tummy bug but I'm now 1run away from graduating! I've also dieted and lost 1stone and this is just the start.

I wouldn't say I love running but I've actually done a couple that I'd enjoyed. I love the sense of achievement it gives me.

Where to go now...I intend to keep at it. Today I branched out into streets rather than hiding on footpaths. I'm nowhere near 5k in 30 mins but over time I'm sure my pace will get should help when I shift some more weight.

The moral of this tale is if I can do it anyone can. If you're putting it off just start, it doesn't matter how slow you are or how big you are do it for you, you won't regret it.

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Amazing, this gives me so much confidence to keep going, well done and thank you.


Me too thank you!


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