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What happened


Well I'm not sure what happened on Wednesday, but I completely messed up the run. Managed the first 10 mins but was wasted by 7 mins on the second run, and I mean wasted.

So repeated the run tonight after work and actually ran the final minute of the second 10 minutes.

I was surprised I couldn't manage the run considering I'd ran 20mins reasonably comfortably the previous week. I guess it's just one of those things.

BTW when do I get those lovely running legs all muscles etc 🙏🏻

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Bet you went too fast. That's what I did when I started thinking runs would be easy because I had done that distance already once. Made it every time (so far but some of them only just). I find it hard to tell how fast I am going.

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Yip I thought it would be a doddle after the 20 minute run.


With experience you begin to analyse why some runs seem inexplicably difficult while others are a doddle. Nutrition, hydration, previous night's sleep, number of rest days, mood, expectation, weather, time of day, time of month, time of life etc., etc all have an influence, but it is generally impossible to pin it down. SCB1 has a very likely contributory factor in running too fast, but only you can answer that. I think that most runners would agree that pacing is one of the most difficult things to get right, regardless of their experience.

The muscly runners legs are delivered piecemeal by the C25k fairies,on your rest days, each time you complete a run.

Keep running, keep resting, keep smiling.


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