After 18 days of treadmill ---

I have been using a treadmill for the last 18 days - and I have been quite happy with my achievemants on it. Shorter fastish Tempo runs and long constant HR runs for a longer time. But today the seas have been calm so I decided to to an "outside"run around the Promenade deck. - 3 laps equals one mile . I did 7 laps only and piked out. Outside running is definitely harder than treadmill running!!

I HAVE A 10K race in 3 weeks - I badly need to get up to speed!

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  • Hi, I've wondered about that sometimes when the hills and head on wind take it out of me - sounds like you need to get outside for good now! You're a graduate though, so I expect the 'conversion' is mostly mental :-) good luck!

  • Ooo that treadmill certainly is different! Outside running, as everyone says, is completely different. Never mind, your basal fitness is so good that you'll soon be running outside like a good 'un again.

  • It's a tough life......

  • How much time will you have to prepare when you get home? I'm sure you'll be fine, you've done it before, you can do it again...

  • 3 weeks. I feel that my treadmill running over the past couple of weeks has done my cardo fitness some good I have just lost a sense of pace outside

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