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Great music this morning

Discovered the BEST track to start a sesh with: Proud Mary by Tina Turner...the first bit, "nice and easy", gets you primed during the walk, and the second bit, "nice and rough", TOTALLY kicks you into gear for the first run!

Oh and then--luck of all lucks--I started one of my run stints just as the chorus kicked in on "I Need A Hero". What a morning!

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I am constantly tweaking my running playlist! I was flagging the other day and suddenly the intro to Sweet Child of Mine kicked in - motivation right there! Also Titanium, Sia - it's the final track at my spinning class - the last few minutes where we go all out. Another brilliant track!


Sweet child of mine is right good 😃

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Oh god...just spoke with a keen running friend of mine who's told me alllll about how 90bpm is perfect so you can run at 180spm. Back to the drawing board!!


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