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Although i thought i couldnt do it, yesterday i completed w2r1! It was so so much better than my last run! Advice for anyone struggling running on street/parks try the gym with the treadmill. When ive been running on the road/grass i said in my last post it was painful/pins and needles in my feet and legs. I got none of that yesterday on the treadmill. I dont know if its because i had done an hour in the gym doing other stuff (bike, cross trainer, rower) and my muscles where warmed up, i didnt look down (siatic nerve causing pins and needles), done stretches, could maintain a good pace on the treadmill or i was just having a good day. But it worked! I felt great, less pain and felt i could have pushed myself harder! Anyone who is struggling maybe give it a try! Keep going, you can do it! 😊

Back to doing it on the path again tomorrow cause of time restraints and money. Going to have to do run 2 on the way to my first 12.5hr shift on a new placement!

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The treadmill imposes a steady pace :) That is a HUGE advantage especially when you are beginning :) It MIGHT be that when you are outside you are pushing too hard - believe me, what you think is 'slow' most likely isn't. :)

For fun one day I decided to try and run as absolutely slow as humanly possible without breaking into a 'walking step'. (You are probably gathering now why the Running Family keep me in the Attic ;) )

It was EXTREMELY difficult to do so - and I was amazed at how 'quick' it actually turned out to be, I finished a known timed route MUCH faster than I would ever have guessed :)

So - that MIGHT be one explanation but it takes a long time to figure out all the variables of pace/temps/stride/hydration/miles/etc etc that are anythng like 'comfortable' for each individual runner. So take it all slow and steady and try and focus on your body as you run and adjust accordingly :) Main thing is to avoid the IC :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)


Im back to the roads tonight so expecting pain :/ have taken on board and going to try everything suggested to me! Thank you :)

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Well done you, I did mine this morning on the road and it is hard upping the time running. Just be careful when you're back on the paths and roads as they are not so cushioning for your feet.

But keep going - it's a long road, but already you've done 4 sessions. That's 4 times you had to be motivated, despite your fears.

I am dead impressed with your commitment - you are a good example and so I follow your posts, as it keeps me on my toes.

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Thank you! Yup im back to the path/grass tonight after a 12.5hr shift..dreading it. Going to try everything that has been suggested and hopefully the pain isnt as bad 🙈 well done on completing your run! We can do this! #usgirlscan :)


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