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Couch to 5K
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W1 D2

Well got up this am and went on day 2. Not too bad legs still a bit stiff from day 1. Did find that I was getting pain across bridge of left foot which I pushed through. Have messaged the shop where I purchased the shoes from for advice.

Felt good bit better than day 1 in terms of breathing and recovery. Totally lost track of my intervals so ended up missing the half way mark to turn back. Actually thought I was going slower than day one as i thought I haven't reached a landmark. Then realised I had passed it which I can only see as a good thing.

Oh well extra few steps added to daily total.

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Well done! I think the first couple of weeks are often the hardest. It isn't yet routine and the benefits are not so apparent. Keep going and you will not believe the progress you will make! I have just entered week 9 which apparently makes me experienced! I still get red faced and sweaty. Still carry a few extra pounds, and still have good runs and rubbish runs. But! How good you feel and the stress it relieves is amazing! Keep going xxx

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try loosening your laces.


Tried that even after I had finished I slackened off laces right off and pain was there. Might try my basic shoes and see if they make a difference.


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