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Injury prone

I'm 70 and was really proud when I graduated but 1 week later I was on the IC with Metatarsalgia which lessened when I was fitted with orthopaedic inserts. I started running again going back to week 5 and working up to completing C25K again. Week 9 day 3 I felt a twinge in my Achilles. This got worse the next time I ran, and now affects me even after walking up hill although I have been trying to rest it as much as possible. I'm beginning to think I am just too old for this but I do miss it. Any advice folks?

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Ahh... that's tough. Many commiserations.

I am assuming from your diagnosis and use of orthotics that you have consulted a medic of some sort. A sports physio is probably your best point of call.

As I am sure you know, there are plenty of folk older than you who run regularly, so there is no cut off age. Unfortunately tendons are a bit like hair and tend to become "brittle" with age and as far as I know there is no way to avoid this.

If I were you, I know I would not give up my running without looking into all the possibilities. Sorry to not have more positive advice to offer.

Good luck.

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Agree with IannodaTruffe and if you haven't had the Achilles looked at please do, especially if it is worsening. If it is ruptured it won't heal with rest but will need treatment.

Your not too old proven by your graduating :) but you are likely to be a bit more prone to some injuries.

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No, no, no you are not too old. I'm 70 too and have Michael Johnson as my coach. His mantra is to always go at your own pace. I'm pretty sure I can walk faster than I can run but after a run I feel great even though I'm only doing 4 K in 28 minutes.

I'm sorry that you are injured but if you look at the other entries on this site you will notice you do not have to be 70 to get injured.

Get well and get going. Us septuagenarians must stick together. 😍

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Don't have anything to add to the comments of my (much more than me) knowledgeable colleagues above. However, I just wanted to say that I am full of admiration for you and hope that you will be fighting fit soon :)

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