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Restarting running post-injury


6-8 weeks ago I injured my knee jogging down a steep hill and it's taken this long for it to heal. I went out for a bit of a run 2 weeks ago when I thought it was almost better, but it started twinging again and I realised it wasn't. I haven't done any exercise on it at all since then, except a little bit of walking.

Now it seems completely better, and I'm ready to step back up to the running plate again (hooray!). I'm not sure how I should go about it though, I had reached week 5 before it happened. I'm thinking slowly does it, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Glad you are better. Why not just go out for gentle run on the week one pattern and see how it goes. If there is no problem you could do week 2 next time out and so on until you find what part of the programme feels right.

Good luck


Ullyrunner, sounds like a good plan to me too x


Welcome back to the programme jajsh, and good to hear your knee has repaired. I would agree with the slowly does it approach, and suggest starting at week 1 run 1 and see how it goes. I think you will find it a bit easier this time but the programme is all about building up your strength and stamina, and given you were still in the middle of the programme when you had to stop, that still needs to be done. I started back after an almost 3 month gap yesterday. Did week 1 run 1 and was pretty comfortable. I am now monitoring the effects on my outer thighs as one of the problems I had was with my IT Bands. If it's fine I will do another week 1 then might skip one to go to week 2. I was running 3 to 4 times a week for the previous 9 months though so am hoping there is some muscle memory there. We'll see, but racing through it isn't worth it if it means I have a relapse!

Good luck.

Great to be back though isn't it?


Hi and welcome back from the bench. I think slowly does it too. No pressure to do anything just a gentle run and keep doing short gentle jogs. Do a bit every other day if you can

I think we have to give our skeleton time to catch up with our lungs. We may have the lung power but are bodies haven't strengthened enough to keep up the pace. That's my take on it any way but then I'm no medic!

Take care Jaj!

Thanks everyone for your responses. Yes, seems a sensible way of returning by starting at week one and easing slowly back in. Will start tomorrow! Lizziebeth I hope you get back in your stride really quickly, it's been so frustrating not being able to get out hasn't it x

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