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Gait analysis - so worth it despite being on IC!


Had to have a week off with the heat and suffering from sore shins & ankle - very frustrating as I'm 48km through my 100k challenge for Running Down Dementia. I've had the odd niggle before but this soreness came on a couple of days after a park run so I've gone for ice and rest. Had a massage with a sports phsio this morning which really helped & decided to go for a gait analysis this afternoon. So glad I went, the staff were very knowledgeable and patient. There was actually nothing wrong with my (very) old Asics but as the technology for making shoes changes fast, I found a much more comfortable pair - a better fit, better cushioning & different laceing up which felt better and my feet were much more stable in them. I have ridiculously high arches but pronate a lot (particularly on the sore leg) as my knees & feet turn inwards and on top of that, wide feet. Orthotic insoles help in boots but not in trainers. Am so glad I had this done but cross that I waited so long! I hadn't appreciated how much shoe technology can change! If any newer runners are wondering if gait analysis is worth it, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you have old shoes. You can't change what nature gave you but you can improve your comfort, balance and stability for the good of your other joints. Feeling sad that I'm not running but enjoying surfing the web for tops to go with my funky Brooks Ravenna 8s!

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I got a gait analysis done 3 weeks ago. I was getting pins and needles on my right foot for 10-15 minutes after a run. Made such a difference, I too got Brooks, GTS17's, they are great, so much more comfortable. No more Pins and needles, I was over pronating too.

Getting a proper gait analysis is a good move if your going to do this long term.

Best of luck with the rest of your 100k challenge.


SlinkymalinkiGraduate in reply to damienair

Thanks Damien. Glad to hear your new Brooks trainers have sorted out the problem. Happy running!


Hope you have a speedy recovery and glad to hear the gait analysis has been useful. I bet you're dying to get out there and try your new shoes!


Lovely post.....we need a shoe photo please!

Ps i love my Brooks Adrenalin! Perfectly Purple!

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