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Try, try again

Waited til really late this evening to do my w7r1 - was going to give it a pass because it's so hot but had a go late this evening. Ran a different route as I didn't want to chance the cycle track late in the evening. 10 mins into the run I tripped on an uneven pavement and flew like a bird but less gracefully grazing both my knees. I got up and carried on until a gnat flew into my mouth and then realised I had forgotten to un pause my timer. From bad to worse is an understatement. Walked the rest of the way home feeling sorry for myself. A bit like life in general - doesn't always go to plan 😳

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Aw Emmaball, thats a shame.


1. You did go out to run today even though its been sweltering all day

2. You ran for over 10 minutes

3.You got up and carried on like a trooper

4. You had a little snack😆

Those minutes running are not wasted they are banked in your legs and will make you stronger...

Rest day/s then carry on... hope you're knees are not too sore.xx

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CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the 'I tripped and skinned my knee(s) but did not give up on Running' milestone :) It really does seem to be a rite of Passage here to stumble at least once :) Glad you are OK and no lasting damage - but I do recommend a wee bit more protein for your Runs than a gnat will supply ;)

Wishing you many happy miles, stumble-free. You will have that wee Graduate Badge beside your name pretty darn soon :)

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