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The heat matters!

I have read a lot of posts today from disappointed people. Guys it is very hot and humid out there! This affects your body (and mind too probably). I waited until this evening to run (amazingly did it btw) and still got cramps on a short walk to shops later.

Someone posted a link to heat exposure earlier. I would say even for short runs take water, not just to drink but it is good for "additional sweat" to cool you down. Go for the drowned rat look :). As always, listen to your body, collapsing from heat exhaustion will not help you progress.

btw the is NOT an excuse not to run, just try to adapt a bit and don't be too hard on yourself.

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Wise words. It is extra tough out there in the heat, so go gently, peeps. I like the drowned rat idea, might try that out at parkrun on Saturday. I'll need to remember to bring two bottles of water, one to chuck over myself as I trot round and a second one to drink after it ends. :)


It has amazed me as I have been out-and-about this weekend the number of people running in the heat of the day - mad dogs and Englishmen springs to mind. Respect to them if they can - but I worry for their safety.

I run early morning about 5.30am to get ahead of the heat (and I just prefer it), but even I can see a difference in the temp from a few weeks ago


Mad dogs and Englishmen also came to my mind when I thought I might be making excuses for not going out to run. I ran in the evening and it was still hot, proving it was not an excuse.

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