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Miles not KM😃

Now I know at this stage its all about stamina, not speed or distance, and I took W5R3 really, really steady but I was disappointed to notice I had only run just over 2km. I couldn't imagine how I could possibly reach 5km.

Then this morning, whilst preparing for W6R1 my son pointed out that I had the treadmill on "English" settings and had actually run 2 miles!! I was so thrilled (and relieved). 😃

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You are right it is not about speed or distance... still nice to know you are doing better than you thought isn't it? 😀😀

I would say don't think about distance, but I guess it's not so easy on a treadmill, as its right there in front of you

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I never really noticed huge the difference between miles and kilometres till I started the couch25k course. Lucky it wasn't on marathon setting.


A friend took great delight in telling me that as a new runner he had began C25k at week 4, because earlier weeks would be too easy for him....though he had never run before and is mid 50's. Then at week 5 he said his speed on the treadmill was 8 miles ph so in around 22 mins he was covering over 3 miles ..... (cough, cough.....that's 5k equivalent!!!!!).

I congratulated him and said he was clearly an elite runner, secretly thinking naaahhh, not so matey! Took him a few weeks to realise it was 8kph. He gave up running directly after that 😳

Keep going you are doing great!


Thanks Jacs-W, definitely not fixating on speed or distance yet, more curiosity! Also aware that running outside will be harder but that's for another day too. Right now just happy to be overcoming those gremlins.

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You are doing great, keep at it runner, graduation is not so far away!


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