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W5R2 Complete!

Managed to finish the second run of W5 today (huzzah!). Had to get up quite a bit earlier than I usually would to try and beat the heat which half worked - tempted to get up even earlier on Tuesday as the last half of the run was quite a bit harder as the temp had already risen a degree or two since I started and it was bloomin' hot! :P Tuesday is also my final exam so maybe getting up early wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea anyways - gives me enough time to faff about beforehand and that. Feeling a little bit of trepidation about W5R3, but I was feeling the same before the 8 minute runs today, so I'm hoping if I don't overthink things and just take it slow and steady I'll be ok :) I've managed to get this far, so hopefully I can keep going :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, and Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there ^-^

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No trepidation needed.. you are doing wonderfully...!

It was blooming hot out there.. even before 7...! I was almost, only, almost, tempted to take off my top and just run in my sports bra and leggings when I was finishing my run along the beach.!!!

Get up early. do your run and it will set you up for your examination on Tuesday.... :) You will be absolutely fine!!!

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Agreed! And I definitely don't blame you for that xD I had to swap my usual t-shirt for a vest top today it was already too hot, and if I'd been running at home home (not at Uni home :P), I too would probably have been tempted to strip to my sports bra - the joys of living in the middle of no-where xD

Thanks :) Here's hoping! ^-^

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