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Just got back from my final run of week 3! I now want to get in some more morning runs!

I feel fantastic as I have lost weight again this week and as it was cloudy I treated myself to an outdoor run! With the longer runs I feel that running outside is much easier; staring at a timer on the treadmill makes time drag on!

Week 4 looks like a big step up but I am feeling positive! Thank you for all your support over the last three weeks :) How did everyone else find week 3?


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NIce one LaurenS91 !

I think the program is designed to push you every time you go out. For me, W3 was just as hard as W1. It's the satisfaction levels that keep getting bigger and bigger.

Enjoy being smug when you finish each and every run. Keep up the great work :)


Outside is fab 😃 You can pick a new route every day if you like as you have complete freedom to choose

Just go nice and slowly and you'll be fine

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Well done

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