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Did anyone hear Ken Bruce this morning?

I heard a few minutes of the Radio 2's Ken Bruce show in the car this morning and he mentioned C25k. In his usual jokey way he was rather flippant about our wonderful programme and I wondered if he changed his tune after I stopped listening. If not I think I shall contact the BBC. Radio 2 would be good publicity if C25k was spoken about properly.

I would be interested know if anyone else heard it.

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I didn't hear it but it's a shame if he did joke about us.

The BBC's C25K app is the one I'm using. It's really good. They may be interested in hearing about the joking (if he did).


He might joke but his colleague, Jo Wiley, one of the current C25k narrators, gave all C25kers a big up on her show recently 🙂

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