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I'm new here! 😬

I just wanted to say hello to you all.

I did my my w1R1 yesterday and can't believe I completed it, however, today is my rest day and due to run again tomorrow, I'm a bit achey in my groin and thighs, should I still run tomorrow? If anyone has any advice for the right type of warm up stretches I should do too then that would be really helpful.

I don't suppose there are any new c25k living in the East Malling area who want to buddy up? That would be a great motivator for me. XxX

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Welcome & congratulations for getting started.

It's quite natural to have a few niggles the day after your run. All those muscles that have had a dozy few years just got a rude awakening. The ache is there to remind you that 1) you are now a runner, and 2) it is a rest day. Now that you are a runner you can realistically expect to have a twinge, ache or niggle for the rest of your life. But that is OK as long as it doesn't hurt or interfere with the rest of your life.

We don't recommend 'static' stretching before each C25K session. If you stretch and hold a cold muscle, that can cause tears, damage or aches. Instead, 'dynamic' stretches AKA 'warm-up' is preferable. If you find that the 5 minutes brisk walk at the start of each session is not long enough to warm-up properly (perhaps you have been sat at a desk for hours), then you can easily start with an additional 5-minute walk before you start the app/podcast. And then take the time to warm-down too, at the end of the session.

Now, static stretches after the run are highly recommended, almost compulsory. You can find a suggested program, here:


I found it hard to remember the sequence, and to count for the right length of time. So I purchased a Strecthing app for my iPhone - lolo Stretching - which gives me a 8-minute cool-down post-running stretching routine, complete with my own playlist, and a coach telling me what to do and for how long.


Ah cool, thanks for that markyd. Am off to look for the app now. Lol.



Enjoy the journey. If you feel good after just one week, in another eight weeks from now, you'll be floating on air.

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I really hope so. I want to get the running buzz that everyone talks about. XxX


Well done and welcome 👍🏻. I would of buddy up but I live in gravesend bit to far.


Thank you. That's a shame, your right, just a bit too far. 😞


Good luck with this. I'm jus ya few weeks ahead of you and already feeling healthier and enjoying the challenge!


Hi Rbecks, I've got w1r3 this evening, going to wait till it's a bit cooler.

Which week are you on?


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