Pre-Week 2: early signs of shin splints ~ help

Pre-Week 2: early signs of shin splints ~ help

I've noticed, since W1R3, the familiar swollen tightness in the interior lower shin. I stretched out and went for a long swim yesterday but it hasn't really seemed to help. I don't feel them at all when sitting, but they reappear when walking.

Today is my Week 2, Run 1 and I really don't want to have to stop and start the process again.

===== Actions I am taking ======

I have proper running shoes but it's possible they're worn down and I'm going to go out and get fitted for new ones tonight. Is there anything else I can do when running? I have icepacks for afterwards so I can use the RICE method.

=== Questions ===

I heard inclines are bad for shin splints (which seems counter intuitive) and on my last couple of runs I was running uphill for at least 20 minutes. Could that be the problem?

:( :( :( It was going so well


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9 Replies

  • You can have physio for them! But can be expensive and painful! If you google it there are some exercises you can do. Try to concentrate on how you land when running, try not to flop your foot down and control the ankle movements!

  • Know nothing about shin splints, but just wanted to say I love that picture!

  • ;P

  • I had awful shin splints till week 7 when I went and got properly fitted for shoes and I've had no problems since ( 4 years later, tho I have got through a lot of pairs since then). As for the incline I don't know, I thought inclines were better for running??

  • Did your shin splints just disappear after you got better shoes? The last time I had them they stuck around for months after I stopped running!

  • Completely... it took a few days to recover tho...

  • You don't mean you're running continuously for 20mins at this stage? I'd be inclined to get professional advice and maybe stick to walk/light jog on flat till shins are sorted? Not a professional btw - hope it gets sorted soon.

  • No, sorry, that was badly phrased. I meant that for at least 20 minutes of the program I was going uphill.


    I have purchased some new trainers.

    I had a running gait analysis - and apparently my leg twists inward as well as pronating but my heels are straight. So I was given a solid shoe and advised to aim for running in the middle of the foot.

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