Stupid Back 😪

Sorry this is a moaning post again but I still have problems with my back. It still hurts even after walking a short distance and I am still getting a sensation of an elastic band pinging in it. The Osteopath doesn't want to treat me anymore (doesn't want to overtreat) so I have been referred to physio - how long that will take I wouldn't like to guess!!

Anyway, posting on here is my way of keeping "a connection" as I am worried that this will carry on for so long that I don't get back to running, which I do want to do. I've even debated just running and see what happens but my husband would not be very happy if I do (he's had an operation on his back so is very careful) and I suppose it would be a bit silly.

Hope people don't mind me still posting although I'm not running at the moment.


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7 Replies

  • Sorry to hear about your ongoing back problem, I get some lower back ache on the right side, but it doesn't affect my running. Think it's to do with sitting hunched over and I've developed round shoulders, so I have to remember to keep up straight and shoulder's back. Maybe this link can help..😊

  • Thanks

  • Not running is probably sensible... what did the Osteopath say about that?

    The pinging reference went through me.. I did something to my back a week or so ago, whilst carrying small runner in training. I could not run at all, but walking was okay... took over a week to feel, normal! I know I sat under the shower a lot to ease the ache:)

    Keep posting your progress and we don't mind at all :)

  • Thanks. All the Osteopath said was not to do anything that irritates it! At least he was honest and didn't just take my money 🙂.

  • I'm sorry to learn that discomfort in your back has prevented you from running of late, janey38.

    Although the osteopath may have provided you with exercises, if the discomfort is in your lower lumbar region, extending outwards, over the rear of the pelvis, it may be worth trying to strengthen the transverse abdominis (a deep lying wrap around muscle), responsible for helping to maintain natural curvature of the lower spine.

    Exercising it is far less challenging than trying to hold the plank position, too.

    Simply lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Once in position, concentrate upon drawing the lower stomach towards the spine (don't suck the stomach in) and then hold the position for up to 10 seconds before releasing (repeating up to 10 times). If you feel an ache/strain above the front of the pelvis and an initial sense of weakness over the rear of it, the transverse is being worked correctly.

    With improved endurance, though, the sense of weakness should subside.

  • Great, thanks I'll give it a try

  • If you happen to work in a profession that leaves you bound to a chair for long periods throughout the day, for example, it's more than probable that slouching (even if you try not to), may have led to slackening of the core muscles and development of a flat back.

    If the above is indeed true, strengthening the transverse should considerably improve posture and strength of the core.

    Once you become accustomed to exercising it, simply sit in a chair and routinely draw the lower abdomen towards the spine, holding the position for as long as you're able.

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