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Treadmill or pavements?

Any opinions on what's better? Does it really matter ? What pace on the treadmill?

Just completed w4r2; had a week off before hand for various reasons and have rejoined the gym so ran on the treadmill. I managed it fine, that was surprising after a week off but must show that the plan is working. Now do I stick with the gym or is it ok to mix it up?

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Running is running is running. Some people do not feel safe running outside where they live, or have anxiety problems. Others are embarrassed about how they look. Out door running is said to be harder and slower.

However, just read manofkent62's post, just before yours, to see why running outdoors is such a positive experience. Running in nature is not just good for the body; it feeds the soul :)

Well that's my view anyway :)

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Like it! I'm convinced


I'd say pavement personally, I like to see the world go bye with music in my ears. On a treadmill, it always seems like a harder mental fight for me


Agreed the treadmill is so boring - the blue sky is a bonus when it's there, going to keep the gym just for a month as a safety net when manchester skies open up!!


Running in the rain is good too though :)


In terms f learning to run, as long as you doing the back and forth leg motion thing it doesn't matter whether you are on a treadmill, the city streets, a giant hamster wheel like astronauts have or a beautiful beach in Bali.

Treadmill may be slightly easier in terms of the bounce etc and outdoors may have that feelgood factor of "hello clouds, hello sky" say FotheringtonThomas, but it is marginal stuff compared to the actual important part of learning to run.

Do what thou wilt shall be all of the runner's law.

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Let's take this outside! 😏

😁. The sun is out. It's summer! You can break freeeeeeeeeee. Free I say!!!!

Miss wobble

Last seen heading for the hills .... 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


It's really a personal choice - I like the treadmill and my sister loves pavement. Mix it up if your lucky enough to like both!


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