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Week 3 run 2

Still getting the hang of this, week 3 run 1 was easier than I thought it would be. hoping it's a fitness improving thing.

Aiming for 3 runs on the treadmill and 1 outside at the weekends.

Was probably easier as there are fewer intervals, last run I managed a sprint for just under 2 mins before going back to a jog.

Hoping to upload a nice photo of running with my baby dog soon as default icon is a bit lame.

Roadie out

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You will notice changes remarkably quickly, especially in your recovery time.

There is no need to sprint while doing C25k!!

Keep going.


I'm seeing if I can have a sprint left in me for the end of the 5k that we have signed up for.

Mrs has been teasing so badly about that I'm not a big runner so I would like to leave her for dust at the end of the race haha.

have been training without any supplements for 5 weeks now (weights and 3 weeks of running + weights) and am looking forward to re-introducing BCAA's and creatine as they helped loads with recovery time when I was just weight training a few years ago.

1 more week 3 then onto week 4


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