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Knee Pain

I should have started W2 last week but I seem to have done something to my knee. I was getting niggling pain after the runs in W1, both on grass & pavement. I rested for a couple of days but the pain is getting worse and my knee feels like it is going to give out. Pain & tenderness was on both sides of my knee but today the pain is at the back as well. I have tried doing squats and the pain is horrible. Not sure what to do. I really want to complete this plan

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R.I.C.E. is your first stop. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for any minor niggles. Squats are great when everything is working well but not a good idea if you are in pain. Ibuprofen can reduce inflammation straight after a run, but don't get in the habit.

If this persists then either a GP or sports physio is your best bet for professional advice.

I am neither of the above, but many years ago, I made a rare visit to my GP to ask if I could go on a knee replacement waiting list, since the pain in my knees was such that I had stopped going for walks with the family. She told me to come back when I could no longer walk...........who needs sympathy......and did not give me much help. I did some research and started taking glucosamine with chondroitin. There is little research proof that it works, although a wealth of anecdotal evidence. A few years later I started C25k, which I could previously never have considered. Four years on, my knees are stronger than ever and only give me the occasional gripe. I would not like to give up my glucosamine now.

I am not a drugs salesman either!! Good luck.


Thank you for your response. I have never had knee pain before but spent years nagging hubby to take glucosamine as his knees are knackered due to years of playing rugby! at 63 years old they say he is too young to have knee replacements.

Thank you for the advice. I well try RICE and order some glucosamine


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