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W2 finished

I struggled a bit with the heat this morning, even at 8am. It's turned into a proper scorcher! I haven't felt the need to take a bottle of water yet, because it has been ok so far, but I'll have to remember it on the warmer days. I managed OK though, and it was the first time I misjudged my timing - I had an extra few minutes to walk off at the end after the podcast ended - I was still in town and had to go back down the hill home. I guess it'll take time to figure out the routes. It's surprising just how many hills there are in Norfolk - it is definitely not flat! I've had several suggestions from other locals of 5k routes around the area, so I have something to aim for at the end.

I'm so glad I've started to make running a part of my life - it doesn't matter that I'm not fast, I'm happy to be moving along in my own little world. It's great that the only person I feel the need to compete against is myself!

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You're absolutely right, you're only competing against yourself. Well done on getting to week 3!

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