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Getting back to a routine

So, I know I need to start taking regular exercise & I used to love running. Haven't run for over 6 yrs though. Gained loads of weight when I stopped running & went to Uni & I'm always tired. I'm due to start a new job in a few weeks, but wanted to get on board here sooner rather than later. Can't wait to start, but need to wait until I start the new job. Here's hoping I can start getting back into a healthier routine! 😊

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Why do you need to wait?


Im a nurse & work different shifts each week. I change from days to nights within a couple of days. It's a nightmare. It's not just lack of exercise that's making me tired, it's also the job that's messing constantly with my body clock. I've handed in my notice & my new job is 4 regular days each week, no nights! This week, I've worked 2 13 hr days on Mon & Wed, then tomorrow I'm working another. On Sunday I switch to 2x 12 hr night shifts. Then I spend my 2 days off trying to get my body clock back into day mode. I know it sounds like a complete whimp out, but in the meantime, I've started eating healthier at least, then the new job, then the body clock can have a total reboot!

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OK - sounds sensible, I can see why it's difficult!


Seize the day- why wait?!


Just replied to another response. Thank you both for the encouragement. I will very much need this kind of support once I get going. 😊


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