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Wow I ran for 16 minutes today never done that! I signed up after watching mind over marathon, I am currently off work with stress and depression but I have to admit the running - well old lady jogging makes me feel so much better mentally it makes me feel positive and keeps me going when I think I can't run any further I think of how it makes me feel when I've finished my run and manage to find the strength to keep going. I'm hoping to go back to work soon and that's what couch to 5k has done for me given me the mental strength to get on with life. Mind over Marathon was inspiring!!!!!

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Yes I watched that and it was very inspiring and humbling. Good for you for starting and for continuing. Running really helps with our moods as you've found and so I hope you keep it going.

Forget about the "old lady jogging" thought. You're a runner and therefore you're amazing 🏃🏃🏃


Good luck to you and well done for getting out there and giving it a go x


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