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Just hit 60 !

i hit 60 and took partial retirement. set my self the challenge of losing weight and doing a bit of exercise. my sister was doing the couch to 5k so I would give it a try. Surprised myself and feel very proud. I am going to be starting Week 4. Everytime I look at the new week, I think " I'll never be able to do that" , but I am still doing it.

If I can do it anyone can because I have the willpower of a gnat.

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The programme is designed to be attainable giving you a sense of achievement and making you want to carry on (it's very clever). Good luck with week 4.


Well done! We're at exactly the same point and each week I wonder if I'll be able to do it and then I do! Keep it up!

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You're not alone. I'm one of many over-60s who have completed the programme. Keep add it and you'll be added to the statistics.


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