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Graduated last week, life continues, still a learner


Freshly graduated from last week, I wanted to share with you my first steps in a life after C25K.

On Monday I went for a very relaxed 38 minutes run. This time no headphones and I really enjoyed that. Firstly hearing the birds chirping away and then listening to myself. Paying more attention to how I breath, being surprised by how silently I can run; all these were new experiences. Overall a different experience than the podcast, much more self-centered, that felt good.

And then today, I stepped into a gym for the first time in my life, scary experience. But I quickly realised that like W1R1 of C25k the first step is the hardest and there is no reason to be afraid. A welcoming instructor gave me a one-hour introduction, showed me all the facilities and explained the possibilities, then we did a couple of exercises together. I liked that too and arranged 2 sessions for next week to set up a training plan and give me a more in-depth introduction.

I finished with a 30 run on a cross-trainer, strange machine that thing but I can see the attraction of it, being a able to exercise without the impact of running. I still prefer running though.

Overall life continues and I am really happy with my new life towards a fitter person. I am also grateful for the structure C25K gave me, without that I would not have known where to start.

Take care and keep going.

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Woop woop, good on you, congratulations - enjoy the running going forward and the gym :-)


Congratulations! Great to see you running "solo" for the first time. I recently graduated too and still haven't tried it. I went straight on to the 5k+ podcasts - stepping stones, stamina and speed. So really good to hear your comments about running without being plugged in :D I need to try it ;)

And my next step is the gym for my cross training days too :) It's good to have other people who are trying the same things and experiencing the same positives :D :D

Will look out for your next post!


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