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W2R2 - wet wet wet

Thoroughly enjoyed running in the rain tonight... although I must've looked a right sight with my partners rain mac tucked under round my waist... (it won't zip around my butt!)

I didn't give myself a rest day because I'm trying to work around childcare this week so I'm paying for it now - movelat at the ready!

I don't feel I achieved the best I could tonight either... I was distracted with my ear plugs falling out every 5 seconds... very frustrating... I think I'll have to get some proper headphones.

Not running now til thurs.

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If you don't take your rest days you risk screwing up the whole programme with injury so why risk it? I appreciate that life gets in the way sometimes but there's no hurry so if you can do only two runs one week then that's fine.

That being said, well done on getting this far 🙂

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I run in cheap headphones, 3.99 jobs, but they are fine. I hold mine in place with a headband. Well, it's actually a folded down Buff. Does the job though 😃

The tech can ruin the run.. It's never the other way about 😃

You're ok with the mac round your waist! Mine is always there. You need it if it rains and for the walk home so you don't get chilled. Treat yourself to a cap or any old baseball cap will do 🙂

Enjoy your run break 🙂


I love the headband idea... and wearing a cap seems so obvious now you've said it - I had the hood of my Mac up on mon which wasn't helping my headphone issue!

Thanks 😄


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