A dragon (and gremlins) slayed!

runlikeagirl you're a STAR! Thank you. Your reply to my last post was just what I needed today, I did what you said, just put on my gear and went out into the fields .... the rain held off, I did my W5R3 very slowly but very easily and could have done more. My Fitbit says I only got into peak zone for 3 minutes, so I need to work a bit harder!


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  • Ah Davidhwynn I am so so happy to hear this! :) :) Because we are all sharing the same experiences, slaying our dragons and gremlins together, we know how others might be feeling and what has helped us. Thank you for letting me know (and if you can tell me how to tag someone I'd be really grateful as it seems to be beyond me for some reason!).

  • You are a star! It is,as you said so good to share and encourage :)

    To tag.. click on@ then start typing their name.. as you hover, the names come up and you click the one you watn ? Like this runlikeagirl

  • Thanks Oldfloss I'll give it a try x

  • Tagging is easy once you've been told ... simply type a @ then start the person's name (no spaces between the @ and the name eg @davidhwynn). Once the name's on the list click on it ... done. Thanks again, you helped me through today.

  • Brilliant davidhwynn ... talk about turning things around.. It is so great when folk share their experiences and support isn't it...:)

    You run sounds wonderfully. My kind of run.. definitely :)

  • I'm hoping it lasts, but today makes it the second run I can say I've EVER enjoyed (WHOOPS! What have I said ...)

  • That you enjoyed it .. yes. we heard it here first :)

  • Off out now but you have put a smile on my face davidhwynn :)

  • " My Fitbit says I only got into peak zone for 3 minutes, so I need to work a bit harder!"

    no, you really don't This isn't C2Peak Zone (sounds like a London Undergound ticket). Leave your Fitbit at home and keep doing what you're doing.

  • Thanks, I'm the World's worst in cutting myself some slack ... Fitbit goes with me 24/7, don't always listen to it but it amuses my techie alta-ego. Actually what made me feel really good tonight was doing earlier what runlikeagirl told me to do .. just put on my gear and get out there. Maybe I just have to get a Zone 9 ticket and I'll make the 5K????? A good day on my C25K adventure, not expecting it will be smooth going from here but the BEST I've ever had so far. Thanks everyone. XX

  • Brilliant - that run is a real milestone.

  • Great stuff davidūüėä

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