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Definitely mind over matter!

Since doing my birthday weekend parkrun in my regency gown and having to take several walking breaks, I have been out for one midweek evening trot and today's parkrun. Both of these without stopping once.

On Wednesday's run I really did feel like it was going to kill me. Today I kept telling myself that I had run the whole thing only a few days ago so there was no reason why I couldn't do it again, just slow down, don't stop running. And I managed to get round five minutes quicker! Still slow but finally building the strength, mental and physical, to keep going the full distance.

So, if you are at the early stages of your running life and feel it's all impossible ... I am proof that it's not! Just keep going, slow, slow, slow, and you will get there. And be proud of yourself! Xx

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Slow & steady is good! And now you've run in a frock you know you can do it! I can't believe how far I've come since starting in Feb & have no idea where this will all take me but the 'now' is great!


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