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Still mind over matter

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Second time round I’ve been saying how much I’m enjoying this. Not so much today W5R3 😆. I knew I COULD do it (certainly didn’t trust myself last time - although of course I did) but seemed to concentrate more on the niggles. Tummy rumbling before I left. Extra half glass of wine last night (get me pushing the boat out to one and a half). Thinking I could just walk a bit 🤷‍♀️. However dear friends I just kept going. That’s all this plan is about after all. Did I enjoy it. Not really to be honest but as before it’s a great step forward.


No walking.

No stopping.


How amazing is that?!

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Brilliant Sybilw. How scared we were of this run back in the day. Ticking the box is the main thing at the moment and you did just that. ✅

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SybilwGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Thank you. Exactly!! 20 min?! Me?! Not a chance!! It’s definitely a mental challenge just as much as physical.

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Well done!I did w5r3 yesterday with Slinky, for the third time on c25k, had to percivere, it's never easy but think we knew what was to come.. So, slow n steady...

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SybilwGraduate in reply to davelinks

Forewarned is forearmed. It’s also faster than the sofa. Well done you too - all is possible (even at our age!)

It is amazing Sybil, even when we know we can do it, we still have to do it! Well done 💪🏃‍♀️

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SybilwGraduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Thank you. Can’t say it was fun but this time it wasn’t scary!

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That is wonderful - go you!

Sometimes I find I enjoy the run when I’ve finished more than when I’m out there (I wonder how my posts on here would sound if I could write them as I’m running). On my last run, I needed to go onto the trails to distract myself enough to get in the zone. Otherwise I am diagnosis-central (“my leg feels weird”, “I’m hungry”, “I don’t like these socks”). So I definitely know how that feels.

Sometimes it’s the challenging ones that are more of an achievement. You did it and should feel super proud. And that run is a big milestone to hit too. Onwards and upwards. You’ve got this.

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SybilwGraduate in reply to Vespina

Thank you. I use podcasts to distract me. No Such Thing As a Fish is my favourite. Funny and sometimes a bit rude so I’m lucky I don’t meet many people - a giggling runner is a disturbing thing. 😂

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VespinaGraduate in reply to Sybilw

A giggling runner sounds like the perfect thing.

It really is amazing what we set our minds to

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SybilwGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

Absolutely. You’re a good example of that!

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Sybilw

Thank you 😊

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Awesome achievement! I'm looking forward (!) to my W5R3 tomorrow so your post was very timely. Now go celebrate but not with too much wine 🤣

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SybilwGraduate in reply to Brixcos

Good luck but just start with the belief you CAN do it. It’s very much a mental challenge from now on. Let me know!

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BrixcosGraduate in reply to Sybilw

I will definitely report back tomorrow 😊

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That’s a cracking run you just did - I love how you just powered through it! Such a landmark run, well done 😊.

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SybilwGraduate in reply to Frenc

Thank you. It’s all a mental challenge now - you just have to choose to keep going!

Trainers2022 profile image

Hi there, wow 20 mins without stopping, I’m impressed, what an achievement 😀. Keep up the good work👍

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SybilwGraduate in reply to Trainers2022

It looks a real challenge but in fact if you trust the plan you can definitely do it. It’s just your mind on the way!

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Well done! I'm the same age as you and trying to get back into running. I dream of running for 20 minutes non stop 😂

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SybilwGraduate in reply to Newbie59

I originally did this in 2018 but stopped for no apparent reason. We can both do it again. Go 👵🏻

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Well done, Sybilw - I remember the trepidation of this run when I did C25k first time around (I'm also a restarter).

And you're so right about how your brain tries to tell you all the things that feel 'wrong' on the way to the end - my sock feels weird, I'm tired, do I need the loo? 🤣

There's such a feeling of satisfaction when you realise you can run 20 mins without stopping - many congratulations!!!

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SybilwGraduate in reply to KayBee1000

This is my second reply to you - don’t know where I sent the first one 🤷‍♀️😆. Anyway - thank you. This time you can relax and trust the program. Hope you’re brush with Covid doesn’t hinder you. I had a very mild case recently with only 2 days of symptoms and indeed I started running again as soon as I tested negative. Good luck with your re-do.

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