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W5R2 How did that happen?

I work nights and normally run in (my) morning (14.00hrs GMT), today however I decided to run after work. Was a bit trepidatious about this run as it is a step up in distance. Things didn't get off to a good start, lost sound from app and music and realised I should have gone to the loo before I started, anyhoo, decided to persevere, started my first 8min run after warm up, after checking app I realised that I had run for 9mins, had my (now) 4min walk then started the next split. After what only felt like 2 mins, I had finished it!!! For the first time since I started my running journey I was almost disappointed that it was the end, I wanted to scream to everyone about my achievements, unfortunately my only companions were some ducks on the canal!!! Sorry to waffle on, but I'm pretty chuffed with myself!!!!


Oh, and I've just seen run

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You are doing great! Brilliant run👍🏼


Ducks make a great audience Yeay!!!!! Go you!!! Very well done :

Just carry on now, focus on the now, not the next. The programme will take you forward it is slow, and it is steady and you will do it. Have confidence in your ability and just how far you have come:)


good for you! Good innit! 😃 Especially when you know you can keep having that feeling 🙂

Good going, slow and steady now all the way 🏃‍♀️

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