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W3R1 - feeling great!

I won't lie, after a really difficult W2R3 I was dreading my run today knowing that it would step up a notch. I could've easily not gone today if it wasn't for my husband saying he would run with me. I've never run with anyone else and because my confidence is quite low, haven't wanted to. However, it was the best run yet! I've gone from feeling I can't do this to looking forward to the next run in the space of an hour !

Any tips regarding exercises to build strength in hips/ lower back would be much appreciated as this is the only thing I'm struggling with at the moment.

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I've got W3R1 tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to it, I managed week 2 (just) and by the 3rd run had found a sustainable pace so I'm hoping I can carry that forward.

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Oh that's good to hear - I'm struggling with week 2 but good to hear you're getting on well despite similar issues!

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