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Must-watch: "Mind over Marathon"

It's probably been posted before, but here it is again in case any missed it:

Go watch BBC's two episode documentary: "Mind over Marathon". Lovely, inspiring, eye-opening documentary on the journey of 10 people struggling with mental health issues who train to run the marathon, to see whether it'll help with their mental health (which, of course, it does!).

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Totally agree with you.

Luckily I haven't taken up running for any reason other than to get fit and stay fit into old age but having completed C25k since February I was able to relate to the physical side of their training.

I thought it was a brilliant documentary, it had me in tears at the end. Thoroughly recommend it.


Good post and a a very worthwhile project. I agree - go watch! I have had my own MH battles over the years - I cried a lot.


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